Community Art Display

October 17, 2022


The Town of Clarenville is proud to support the arts in our community and is embarking on a project to feature local works of art in the Town Hall. Council would like to invite Artists to submit proposals for artworks for display at the Town Hall & to be featured on our Town’s website. There are two categories for submissions:

1.) Art Procurement or Loan: Community Art Initiative is inviting artists to submit their artwork proposals for consideration to a) sell or b) loan to the Town. To be considered, simply complete and submit the Art Procurement Submission Form. In the case of loaned work, the duration of each display will be determined by the number of submissions received.

2.) People of all ages and backgrounds to submit their most stunning photographs/artworks of the places, faces and colors of Clarenville – for display in Clarenville’s new Town Hall. A panel of judges will select up to five (5) pieces that will be framed and permanently displayed with the artist’s name on each piece.

For more details, please email:

We look forward to showcasing your art to our community.

Last modified: October 17, 2022

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