Traffic Calming

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming a term used to describe physical measures and initiatives, such as education or enforcement actions, that are intended to reduce the impacts of motor vehicle traffic on roadways and neighbourhoods, and improve safety and comfort levels for pedestrians and bicyclists. Traffic calming is used to address traffic concerns identified by the community. Typically, the concerns are about motor vehicle speeds, shortcutting or through traffic and inappropriate driver behavior.

Traffic Calming Report

The Town of Clarenville Traffic Calming Report provides a process for the initiation, assessment, development and implementation of traffic calming plans on roadways within the Town of Clarenville. The intent of this document is to ensure that a transparent approach and objective criteria are used to evaluate traffic calming needs throughout the Town of Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador.


Traffic Calming Request

If you have a request for traffic calming, please complete the form attached and forward to the Town Office or email it to:


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