2024 Tax Structure

Property Tax

Residential 8.3 mills
Commercial 9.5 mills
Minimum Tax $300.00
*Commercial Property Tax includes apartment buildings that have more than 4 units and buildings that contain both commercial and residential units.
Taxpayers are eligible for the following reduction in their annual residential property taxes on their primary residence only provided that the Total Income into the household is less than that shown. Income is deemed to be income from all sources and includes basement apartment rental income, interest income and also includes the income of both spouses:

Annual Income – Reduction
0.00 – $25,000 – 40%
$25,001 – $28,000 – 30%
$28,001 – $30,000 – 20%

For first-time applicants, the reduction will be based on their current year’s income. The first-time applicant will complete a form indicating their estimated household income for the current year. They will receive a provisional tax credit based on their estimated income. The property owner will then be responsible for verifying their estimated income with the Town by providing copies of Canada Revenue Agency Assessment Notices for the year in question when it becomes available. After the income is confirmed, the credit amount will be adjusted out of the taxpayer’s account

Applications for this reduction are available below:

Application for Reduction of Property Tax

Application for Interest Exemption

Waste Collection Fee

Environmental Fee $25.00 per household unit

Water & Sewer Tax


Residential $385.00 per unit
Apartment Buildings (4 units or less) $385.00 per unit
Boarding Rooms $100 per room per year
Vacant Land and Properties with No Water
& Sewer Connection
$180.00 per year

Properties with No Water & Sewer Connection
1. both services available – $205 per unit
2. water only available – $139 per unit
3. sewer only available – $ 91 per unit

Properties with Water Connection only
1. both services available – $319 per unit
2. water only available – $253 per unit

Properties with Sewer Connection only
1. both services available – $271 per unit
2. sewer only available – $157 per unit


Commercial Buildings – includes properties that are mixed (commercial and residential) $360.00 base rate + 3.0 mills of assessed value
Apartment Buildings (more than 4 units) $360.00 per unit
Tax Exempt Buildings $360.00 base rate + 5.0 mills of assessed value
Home Based Beauty Salons, Bed & Breakfasts, Churches, Dog Grooming and Not-For-Profit Organization $385.00 base rate
Commercial Vacant Land $180.00 base rate + 1.5 mills of assessed value

Water Meters/Sewer

Hotels, Laundromats, Rest Homes & Industrial Businesses $1.80 per 1000 gal
Fish Plants $1.80 per 1000 gals up to 5 million gal used in a calendar month. $2.30 per 1000 gals used in excess of 5 million gal in a calendar month.
Minimum Monthly Charge Sewer Charge $60.00 Sewer Charge Buildings with meters to be charged an amount equivalent to water charge
Turn Off & Hookup Fee $50.00

Poll Tax

Poll Tax $325.00

Business Tax

(1) Where business has a fixed place of business:

Class B Bed & Breakfasts, Caterers, Daycare Facilities, Boarding Homes, Funeral Homes, Lounges, Restaurants, Night Clubs & Convention Centres
Mill Rate: 12
Min. Charge: $300.00
Class C Nursing Homes, Personal Care Homes
Mill Rate: 6
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class D Drydocks / Shipyards
Mill Rate: 20.5
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class E Excavation Contractors, Mining or Quarrying (Stone, Shale or Gravel), Paving Companies
Mill Rate: 14
Min. Charge: $1000.00
Class F Banks, Credit Unions, Finance and Trust Companies
Mill Rate: 120
Min. Charge (1): Banks $40,000.00
Min. Charge (2): Credit Unions $30,000.00
Min. Charge (3): Finance and Trust Companies $5,000.00
Class G Garages, Car Sales, Service Stations, Gas Bars with or without Convenience Stores, Machine Shops, and Recreational Vehicle Sales
Mill Rate: 14
Charge: $400.00
Class H Hotels / Motels
Mill Rate: 17.5
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class I Industrial, Fish Plants
Mill Rate: 41
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class J Mail Order Outlets, Oil Companies, Bulk Storage Plants
Mill Rate: 101
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class P Professional Services
Mill Rate: 28
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class R General Commercial – including: Contractors (Electrical, Plumbing & Heating, Landscaping), Construction Companies, Building Supply Companies, Manufacturing Firms, Warehousing, Wholesale, Rental Companies, Retail Distributors, Retail with less than 13,000 sq ft
Mill Rate: 13
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class S Retail in excess of 13,000 sq ft
Mill Rate: 20
Min. Charge: $400.00
Class U Utility Companies
Mill Rate: 2.5% Gross Revenues
Min. Charge: Radio Stations – 26 mills/$400 minimum
Class Z All Other Commercial
Mill Rate: 18
Min. Charge: $400.00

(2) Where business has no fixed place of business:

Class GR 3% of Gross Revenue


Tax Certificate and Compliance Letters $100.00
Circus, Amusement and Fairs $50.00 per day
Zoning change $300.00 deposit must be made upon Council’s approval of zoning change and remaining cost associated with the zoning change to be paid upon completion of transaction.
Portable Vendors As per Policy
All other fees including permit and application fees As per Policy
Recreation fees As per Policy
  • Council reserves the right to take action on all current years taxes not paid by June 30th of each year, with the exception of water and sewer taxes which may be paid monthly
  • Compound interest will be charged on arrears at 5% above prime at January 1, 2024
  • Interest on 2023 taxes effective April 1, 2024
  • Interest on 2023 Poll Tax effective July 1, 2024
  • Seniors/Pensioners & Low Income Families will be exempt from interest on place of residence only for current taxes until November 30, 2024, upon application to the Town and subject to criteria as set out in the “Exemption From Interest” policy.

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