When are my residential/business taxes due?

February 26, 2019

Residents and businesses have until March 31 of the year to pay their current years taxes without interest, however June 30th of the current year is the final deadline to pay the balance. Compound Interest on current years taxes will be applied effective April 1 at a rate of 5% above prime.

Council reserves the right to take action on all current years taxes not paid by June 30th of each year, with the exception of water and sewer taxes which may be paid monthly.

Seniors/Pensioners & Low Income Families will be exempt from interest on place of residence only for current taxes until November 30, 2019, upon application to the Town and subject to criteria as set out in the “Exemption From Interest” policy. These individuals must apply annually and submit supporting documentation. Please contact the office to obtain the form.

Last modified: March 8, 2019

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