I would like to build an accessory structure (deck, shed, detached garage, gazebo) on my property. What do I need to do?

February 26, 2019

All exterior renovations require a permit from the Town with the exception of painting and/or landscaping, provided that the landscape work does not include any sitework. If you are repairing your fence, deck, accessory building, or replacing existing siding, windows, and/or doors, then you would only require an alterations permit. These permits can be issued right away by Staff at the Town Office.

If you are replacing, changing the size of, relocating or building a new access ramp, deck, fence and/or doing any sitework, an application to the Public Works Department is required. Sitework includes but is not limited to the following: placing fill on the property, erecting a retaining wall, adding a new driveway, weeping tile, etc.

A residential accessory building is defined as a garage, carport, shed, swimming pool, greenhouse, cold frame, fuel shed, vegetable storage cellar, and/or shelter for domestic pets. For the erection of a new accessory building, adding an extension and/or relocating an existing building, in addition to a completed application, we require the following:
– A legal survey of the property so we can see where the accessory building is to be located on the lot. A copy of your legal survey may be on file at the Town Office for reference.
– A sketch of the accessory building on a copy of the survey. Any easements over the lot must be avoided and the minimum setback and side/rearyard distances met.
– An estimate of the cost of work for the Municipal Assessment Agency.

For more information please visit our Regulations & Permits page.

Last modified: February 26, 2019

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