Notice of Discretionary Use

November 14, 2023

Notice is hereby given that the Town of Clarenville has received an application for an accessory building at 211 Balbo Drive. This accessory building location would be closer to the street than the main dwelling. As per section 38 it is considered a discretionary use in the Residential Medium Density Zone in the Town of Clarenville Development Regulations (2022-2032).

This notice is delivered to all persons whose land is in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development that is considered a discretionary use in the use zone, and to allow a minimum of 7 days for response. Anyone wishing to make an objection or representation on this matter, must do so in writing by email to or by mail to 99 Pleasant Street, Clarenville, NL A5A 1V9, on or before November 21, 2023

Last modified: November 14, 2023

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