Clarenville Trail Network Updates

January 13, 2023

First off, the Town of Clarenville would like to extend another sincere Thank-you to the Clarenville Trails Advisory Committee and the “Dream Team” working group for all their assistance in rejuvenating our trail network.

Both the Rotary Trail and Bare Mountain Trail are in great condition for hiking. Here is a summary of our recent upgrades:

Rotary Trail

1. Up-to-date mapping and signage have been added along the Rotary trail, as of Wednesday January 11th. The signage includes trail safety tips, trail information, as well as QR codes that can be scanned with your smartphone and which will then link you to a website called You can then use the AllTrails app to track your location in relation to the trail with pinpoint accuracy, you can post photos, leave reviews for other hikers and more. Additional QR codes will be added along the trail as well.

2. We realize the beavers have been busy on the trail. Please remember the beavers have as much or more right to be there then us hikers. The Trails Advisory Committee will be installing a beaver baffler in the spring which will hopefully minimize the issue of flooding on the trail. The goal is to try and co-exist with the beavers and allow trail users to watch them in their natural habitat.

3. Additional directional arrows and trail markers will be added soon.

Bare Mountain Trail

1. There has been a re-route cut to direct hikers away from the recent land developments on Bare Mountain. The re-route has been marked to ensure hikers stay on the correct route. See the photos below. Please note, the trail maps on Bare Mountain do not include this most recent re-route, however, these maps will be updated soon.

2. This trail is already equipped with maps and signage that will link you to As with the Rotary Trail, we will be adding additional QR codes and trail markers throughout the trail as well.

Who’s up for a boil-up in the woods???
Firepits and pre-cut firewood will be available on both trails for the winter season. Feel free to utilize these firepits with your friends and family. Both trails are in great condition for hiking. Get out and enjoy!!

For more information, contact Brandon at or call 466-4150 ext 225.

Last modified: January 13, 2023

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