Public Services

Community Health Care

Health services in Clarenville are managed by Eastern Health.  Eastern Health offers the full continuum of health and community services, including public health, long-term care, community services, hospital care and unique provincial programs and services. For facilities located in Clarenville, click here.

The Dr. G. B Cross Memorial Hospital, located on Manitoba Drive, offers primary and secondary services to a population of 32,000 people within the local and surrounding areas. It is managed by Eastern Health.

Long-Term Care
The Dr. Albert O’Mahoney Memorial Manor, a 44 bed long-term care facility, is located adjacent to the Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital.  There are also three personal care homes in Clarenville.

Family Physicians
There are three General Physician clinics in Clarenville offering doctor and nurse practitioner services.

Private Services
The following private health services are available in Clarenville:

» Chiropractics
» Dentistry
» Optometry
» Massage Therapy
» Physiotherapy
» Psychology
» Occupational therapy
» Pharmacy

» Home Care
» Denturist


Clarenville has modern, well-equipped educational facilities for students of all ages. From kindergarten to trades and university credits, Clarenville offers the best in education.

Clarenville has one daycare facility catering to children ages 2 – 6 years. All staff members have received Early Childhood Development training and are hired on a ratio of 1 worker per 6 children aged 2 years, and 1 worker per 8 children aged 3 to 6 years.

Clarenville Schools
Clarenville is home to three schools in the k-12 system with an approximate enrollment of 1,300 students. Staff includes principals and vice-principals, classroom teachers, educational psychologists, speech pathologists, itinerant teachers for the hearing impaired and the visual impaired and student assistants. Schools in the Clarenville area fall under the jurisdiction of Eastern School District (Vista Region) and include:

Riverside Elementary
22 Thomas Place, Shoal Harbour, NL A5A 4P3
Tel: (709) 466.7552
Clarenville Middle School
50A Gladney Street, Clarenville, NL A5A 1G8
Tel: (709) 466.7558
Clarenville High School
50A Gladney Street, Clarenville, NL A5A 1G8
Tel: (709) 466.2713

For more information on schools in the town, visit the Newfoundland English School District’s Website.

Post-Secondary Institutions
Clarenville is home to one post-secondary institution; College of the North Atlantic, a public institution. This institution offers a wide range of certificate and diploma programs. CNA demonstrates the ability to develop and implement quality training programs to meet the demands of local and provincial labour markets.

College of the North Atlantic
69 Pleasant Street
Clarenville, NL A5A 1V9
Tel: (709)-466-6900
Fax: (709) 466-2771

Clarenville is the regional location of many Provincial and Federal Government departments and agencies including:



Health Care


United Church of Canada

Memorial United Church
Contact: (709) 466-7690

Shoal Harbour United Church
Contact: (709) 466-2152


Clarenville Anglican Church
Contact: (709) 466-7042
Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Clarenville Corps
Contact: (709) 466-2776
Roman Catholic

Our Lady of Fatima Roman
Catholic Church
Contact: (709) 759-2710

Clarenville Calvary
Pentecostal Tabernacle
Contact: (709) 466-2776

Vista Independent Baptist Church
Contact: (709) 466-3778

Jehovah Witness
Contact: (709) 466-1427

New Life Congregation Christian Life
Contact: (709) 466-4239

Seventh Day Adventist


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