SURVEY – Regulating Fireworks Use

May 11, 2021

How should the Town of Clarenville regulate fireworks use?

The Town of Clarenville is currently considering the development of a fireworks bylaw and is seeking resident input.

One problem we’ve heard of with regards to Consumer (backyard) Fireworks is that they are unexpectedly set off in neighbourhoods, causing stress for vulnerable people and animals. In order to mitigate these surprises, the Town is proposing a fireworks bylaw that will distinguish between consumer fireworks (backyard, outdoor, fireworks that are designed for recreational purposes and can be purchased at licensed retailers), and display fireworks (outdoor, high-hazard fireworks that are designed for professional licences only).

The Town is asking for your input on both types of fireworks via a short questionnaire below.


The public input process comes following a Council recommendation to restrict consumer fireworks to Canada Day, Clarenville Day and New Year’s Eve and restrict the time when they can be used on those days from dusk to midnight (12:30 am New Year’s eve)

This questionnaire will be open until May 24th, 2021. Results will form part of a report presented by staff to Clarenville’s Public Works Committee.

Last modified: May 11, 2021

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