Notice: Vandalism / Inappropriate Behaviour

November 20, 2020

Council would like to ask for your assistance regarding vandalism at Elizabeth Swan Park and Rotary trail.

During the past couple of weeks, we have noticed an increase in inappropriate behaviour from some young people using our Park.

Parents! Please talk to your children about appropriate behaviour while enjoying Public Facilities. Council has invested greatly into upgrading our facilities for the enjoyment of all. We want our youth to be able to enjoy the park and our trails but we will not tolerate vandalism.

Elizabeth Swan Park is monitored by a video surveillance system. Any video of inappropriate behaviour such as vandalism will be provided to the RCMP.

This past week at ESP, we have video evidence of 4 youth vandalizing the storyboards in the cookhouse. We have identified the 4 youth and it will be dealt with accordingly by the authorities.

We had to remove picnic tables from the Cookhouse this week due to inappropriate use by some youth. These picnic tables will be re-installed next spring 2021. Kids are also reminded that bikes and not permitted on the splash pad.

One of the most worrisome incidents which occurred this week has been the significant number of burnt matches found on the wooden stage area of the Bill Davis Chalet. There was also evidence of paper burned near the chalet stage. Unfortunately, we do not have video footage of this incident. This presents a very significant fire risk to the Chalet, which is also serving as the Temporary Town Hall.

Finally, we noticed damage to the benches installed along the rotary trail by what appears to be axe chopping. We have been informed that a younger individual was spotted chopping tree’s in this area recently.

We ask that if you have any info regarding these incidents to please contact the Town Office at 466-7937 or email:

Please respect our public facilities! They are your facilities to enjoy! We don’t want to have to close facilities due to a small group of people acting inappropriately.

Best Regards,
Clarenville Town Council

Last modified: November 20, 2020

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