Notice: Curbside Recycling Removal

June 5, 2020

Please be advised that recycling placed at the curbside for collection is to be collected by the Waste Collection Contractor ONLY!

We have received complaints of individuals going through recycling placed at the curb side of residential properties and taking blue bags containing bottles. Please refrain from removing any blue bags from other residents properties. It is the property of the residence until it is collected by the approved waste collection contractor. Also, for privacy concerns, residents do not want others going through their waste.

Removal of waste is to be done by the waste contractor due to OH&S & sanitary concerns. Council is concerned with where the non-monetary plastic items which individuals are taking will end up. No one wants these items to end up in regular trash or disposed of improperly.

Thank-you for your cooperation!

Last modified: June 5, 2020

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