Municipal Election 2021 – Voting By Proxy

September 14, 2021

Vote by proxy simply means that another qualified voter in the same municipality votes on behalf of an “impeditive voter”. An impeditive voter is a voter who is an election official, or who has reason to believe that he or she will be unable to vote on election day.


An impeditive voter can request a proxy application from the Returning Officer (Angela Giles) at the Town Hall.
Proxy applications and certificates must be issued by the Returning Officer at the Town hall. The Returning Officer can only provide a proxy application to the impeditive voter or to his or her designated proxy.

The impeditive voter or his or her proxy must return the signed proxy application to the Returning Officer outlining who is being designated as the proxy voter not later than 4:00 p.m. on the day before election day.

Upon receiving a proxy application, and being satisfied that the requirements for proxy, the Returning Officer shall issue a Proxy Certificate. This Proxy Certificate must be provided to the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer at the polling division on election day so that the designated proxy voter can vote on behalf of the impeditive voter.

No more than one Proxy Certificate can be issued for anyone impeditive voter.

No person can act as a proxy voter for more than one impeditive voter in any one election.

Please visit the Town Hall to pick up your proxy application.

Last modified: September 14, 2021

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