Farm & Market Gardening Program

June 3, 2022

Plant The Seed That Grows
A partnership between the FMIC & Town of Clarenville

Looking to expand your knowledge in the garden and grow your green thumb?

Join our NEW 6-week gardening program in partnership with the Town of Clarenville!

About the program:

  • $5/Class
  • $25 for pre-registration
    … Master Gardener to receive ½ class fees.

These classes will cover 6 important areas:

  1. Soil Prep
  2. Seedlings 101
  3. Pest Control
  4. Watering & Fertilizers
  5. Transplanting 101
  6. Trees & Shrubs

Start date: June 6th
Drop-ins are welcome.

Only 20 seats available!
Book your seat now before it’s too late.

To register, please contact:
(t): (709) 763-2025

Last modified: June 3, 2022

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