2020 to 2030 Municipal Plan

The Clarenville Municipal Plan, 2010-2020 is a legal document that guides physical development and land use in the community. The Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000 (URPA) gives council the authority to prepare and enact a Municipal Plan. It also requires that the Municipal Plan, the Development Regulations and accompanying zoning maps be updated every 10 years. This year-long process also involves review and approval by the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Municipalities.

What is the purpose of a Municipal Plan?

It contains planning policies that guide:

  • What our commercial areas or town centre should look like in the future
  • How our neighbourhoods evolve over time (e.g. homes, shops, parks, schools…)
  • Cultural and social qualities of the town
  • Open space areas that should be protected
  • The type of Town facilities that are required
  • How Town land is used
  • The type of infrastructure services the Town provides (e.g. water, sewer, roads)

The Town of Clarenville has engaged Plan-Tech Environment Ltd. (of St. John’s) to undertake this plan review. Beginning in October, planners from Plan-Tech have visited the community, met with the Public Works and Planning Committee (PWPC) and municipal staff, and begun the review of all relevant background information related to the community and planning leading to the preparation of a Draft Background Report.

Municipal Plan Public Presentation

A Public Presentation Webinar about the preparation of the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations took place on April 7, 2021. You can view the presentation below.

A Municipal Plan can influence several things:

  • The development rules that are applied to individual properties (Land Use Zones)
  • Conditions for how properties are subdivided
  • How applications for development are processed
  • Other studies once the Municipal Plan is in place
  • Investment decisions (public and private)
  • It is a document that affects us all

An important component of the Municipal Plan Review is public engagement. Opportunities for public involvement are planned for the early spring of 2021 once planners have synthesized the background data and understand the history and development of the community. Engaging residents will help us appreciate opportunities and challenges related to land use planning in Clarenville. Engaging the public in a covid-19 reality poses many challenges of its own. Following protocols established by the Department of Health, our engagement strategy involves virtual meetings, on-line surveys, info posted to the town’s website, and communication with planners via email. As our work progresses into early 2021, we will post engagement opportunities on the town’s website and social media.

What is your role as a resident?

  1. Share your local knowledge
  2. Give us your opinions and input
  3. Attend public (virtual) meetings

You can help determine the Quality of Life in Clarenville, in terms of:

  • Leisure and recreation such as programs and infrastructure
  • Access to amenities
  • The location & development of new neighbourhoods
  • Community involvement
  • Municipal servicing and infrastructure
  • Heritage and cultural assets
  • Environmental issues and protection

Get involved at any time:

Provide your opinions, concerns, observations, and questions to:
Reg Garland, MCIP
Senior Planner

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